New exploration space! Check it.

New exploration space! Check it.

Seasons of my backyard through my fujifilm.

Seasons of my backyard through my fujifilm.

Starting an alphabet print. Caps only for now. Will be available for sale once finished.

Starting an alphabet print. Caps only for now. Will be available for sale once finished.

Stitched Stories


From End of June to Mid October

Sometimes I go on google earth and just look at the beauty of the earth’s surfaces. This is Greenland.

We crumble but collect.


This is it. My time is done here. This was such an incredible experience, and my heart breaks because I know that I will probably never come to Hong Kong ever again. But even if I do, it will not be the same. 

Above is a photo montage of pictures that didn’t make the previous cut. If you would like to buy any prints from the HK blog post series and my attempt at photography, I would be glad to share my visual experience with you. (

Right now, Hong Kong is a living, breathing moment in time, but in 10 hours, it will become a mere fraction of a memory. The present becomes the past so quickly that we will never fully recognize its existence. 

Nevertheless, I hope that my stories and my photographs helped share my experience with you. But of course, there are emotions and moments that I could never fully translate into words. Because of this, I hope that you can go to Hong Kong someday so that you can create a memorable experience of your own. 

This was day 七四.

This was Hong Kong.

Back to America.


It started with a taxi. My first night in Hong Kong was exhausting and miserable to say the least, with no one to pick me up from the airport but a taxi driver who didn’t speak English. Somehow I managed to communicate to him and was able to navigate my way to my destination. But I was tired, out of breath, loopy and confused. All I remember was crossing this beautiful bridge, looking out my window thinking “Wow, I really am on the other side of the world” and “I really hope he knows where he is going.” 

It ended with a taxi. Tired, out of breath, loopy and confused, I leave the school building with friends after midnight to take a taxi home after 3 long days of hard work. I felt exhausted and miserable again, but I came across the beautiful bridge that captured my attention before. The driver still didn’t speak English, but at least I knew where I was going this time. This foreign land was not foreign anymore. It was familiar, it became home.

It started with a taxi, it ended with a taxi.

This was day 七三.


Please stand back from the doors. This may seem like a stupid thing to write about, but the MTR is actually a crucial aspect to the Hong Kong experience. I rode on this highly efficient but tightly crammed subway almost everyday, and while there were good times and bad times on the MTR, one thing is for sure. I know now how to say “Please stand back from the doors” in Chinese, and will forever regard those six words as a piece of nostalgia in my life.

Below is a video of the sounds of the Hong Kong MTR.

This was day 七二.